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Is this normal?

  • From: Larry Diffey
  • Date: Wed Jun 27 02:32:21 2001

I've only been lurking here for a couple of days and I hope this isn't an inappropriate question for this group.  No flames please if I shouldn't have posted this (or for the double negative); a good stern warning will do just fine. :-)   The reason that I'm addressing this group is that I'm trying to get a perspective on provider policy and how decisions are made to do such things.  If it's not a conscious decision but the result of um er human error, what mechanisms are in place; or should be in place in order to correct such issues.  So here it is:
I'm wondering if what I'm seeing in this trace route is normal provider behavior (I haven't seen this happen before now).  My provider is @home and when ever I do a trace route I get the following results:
  1   211 ms    20 ms    20 ms []
  2    10 ms    20 ms    40 ms []
  3   180 ms    20 ms    30 ms
  4    80 ms    50 ms    20 ms
  5    30 ms   291 ms    20 ms []
  ... rest of results omitted for brevity.
As you can see, the third and fourth hop are advertising 10's and I wouldn't think a provider would want traffic passing through a private address space.  Also, this is happening just as the traffic is leaving one facility and going to another (I don't know if that means anything).  If you're interested alsv is Aliso Viejo and anhmca is Anaheim (both in Orange County, CA).  I could be wrong but I'm fairly certain this has just been happening for the last few weeks.  Maybe I  never noticed before.
I'd call @home about it but I know I'd get the run around and it would take 5 hours on the phone for someone just to tell me it's none of my business.
Larry Diffey
P.S.  NANOG Range Day should include pictures of various vendor equipment.  Pick whatever is frustrating you at the moment.

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