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Re: peering requirements (Re: DDOS anecdotes)

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Jun 26 14:15:56 2001

> Several folks here talked about technical implementation aspects (RPF, etc)
> and a few told me privately that peering was a sales/marketing activity at
> this stage of the game.
> This either means that upgrading the general level of peering agreement is
> not possible, or that the people I should be discussing it with don't read

this seems to make assumptions with which i am not entirely comfortable.
  o because some isps' peering is done by business folk, that we should
    infer that all isps' peering is done by business folk
  o upgrading peering agreements with business folk is not possible
  o business folk responsible for peering do not read nanog

in my small experience, fwiw, peering decisions have technical and business
issues.  and the latter are sometimes harder to tease out than the former.
the more successful isp probably relies on both.

maybe if we come up with a clear statement of the technical issue at hand,
those technical folk who manage to get along with their business folk can
make some forward progress.  it maybe be a bit premature to throw the baby
out with the bath-water.


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