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Re: DDOS anecdotes

  • From: Jonas Luster
  • Date: Sat Jun 23 19:33:07 2001

* Roland Dobbins sez:

: He hadn't secured his routers in the least, and betrays a stunning
: ignorance of how the Internet in general and IP specifically works.

Anoyne remember his 'nanoprobe' project and his claims to be able to
speed up transmission of packets by 90-400 percent through some obscure
Fast-ACK tricks? Gibson is unique in the way that he reads about
something, tossess it around until he understands it (while losing its
original meaning), adds some fake pseudo-technical babble around it and
then sells it. It's not so much Gibson who frightens me, it's the folks
who VC him and those who buy his bullshit.

: Then he gets on his soapbox about it and proclaims that he, and only
: he, knows how to save the Internet.

Inflated ego. Up around when his first rant started, he was approached
by some people on techsec-l which he reads and every once in a while
bores with his rants. Some pointed out obvious misconceptions, other
offered help. Only a moron the size of Gibson would proclaim his
superiority in every reply while dutifully ignoring the points about his
mistakes in the original mail.

: Do realize that in the last year or so, Gibson claimed to've invented
: 'stealth' scanning a la nmap.  He also published some crazy method for

His newest claim is to be the inventor of a "new" port scanning method
which speeds up scans of the whole port range in miliseconds. He goes as
far as to claim: "I feel that I should tell you . . . that I have
recently figured out how to scan all of a user's 65,535 TCP/IP ports
almost instantaneously!" - this man must be a god. Or at least think
he's one.

: your ZIP cartridges.  I personally think he's unhinged, and a huckster
: to boot.

There's far too many of these creatures out there. The problem is - the
media and you CIO love them.

: most of the machines on the list seem to supposedly be routers or
: switches of one stripe or another, and/or *NIX boxes.  My guess is
: that the vast majority of those IPs are spoofed.  He also urges
: service providers to take action against the supposed offenders.

... and recommends ZoneAlarm as a solution to the problem.

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