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RE: IP Addresses for collocation

  • From: Hire, Ejay
  • Date: Thu Jun 21 17:34:23 2001

Yes and no.  Can you half-drown yourself at the watering hole?

If you (BGP) peer with the ISP(s) at the Colo facility, then you can
advertise your Ip space and it will work at any facility.  The bad news is
that if you advertised Provider A's Ip space, and then go to a colo not
served by Provider A, they will (rightly) want their Ip's back.  If your Ip
requirements were large enough to justify "Provider independent" space, then
it would be portable everywhere.

Good Luck,

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark J. Scheller []
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 4:15 PM
Subject: IP Addresses for colocation

Hello NANOG,

I'm in the process of evaluating whether to transition away from
web servers to have them hosted at a colocation facility.  The obvious
advantages being greater capacities for bandwidth, power, cooling, and oh
proper methods of putting out a fire (instead of drowning the servers in
if they so much as overheat).

The concern I have is this:  if we decide a few months down the road that we
don't like this particular colocation facility and wish to move to another
across the street, I'd have to renumber all of my hosts.  Is it possible to
to any colocation facility with a block of IP addresses in hand and use
I'm talking about a /24 here, so I cannot request the addresses directly
ARIN, rather I need to get them from some other source.  I attempted to get
them from our current bandwidth provider, but they seem to be a little taken
aback by my request for a block of addresses that will not be routed by them
-- in fact, while writing this they called to tell me they will not provide
space unless they route to it.

Is there a better way to get a /24 that can "go anywhere"?  Or should I just
justify a /24 at the colocation facility and go through the same process
should we decide to change?  Is there a way to buy a routable /24?

Thanks in advance for any advice, on or off list.  I will summarize unless
answer is "you're crazy, such things aren't possible" in which case I'll be
off drowning my sorrows at a nearby watering hole.

Mark J. Scheller (

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