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Re: standards for giving out blocks of IP addresses

  • From: Charles Scott
  • Date: Sat Jun 16 17:58:41 2001

  I didn't really want to continue this thread, but now we seem to be
getting down to it. Unfortunately RFC2050 doesn't address at what point
additional address space should be assigned to an end user, however, it
never uses the 80% figure in that respect. It would seem then that if an
end user has a current assignment and something changes in their business
that would reasonably require more address space, and after the assignment
of the additional address space they would have 25% immediate utilization
and 50% within the year, then it would seem to be consistant with RFC2050
to assign them additional space. This means that if they are already at
50%, you assign them another block equial in size to what they have, and
they reasonably expect to double their utilization in the next year, that
everyone should be happy.
  I think you need to keep in mind that managing assignments to end users
is infinately simpler than managing the distribution and implimentation of
IP address space by the end user. I believe that is part of the reasoning
behind the 25%-50% criteria.
  On a slightly different vein, how you do measure utilization by the end
user? Is it by actual hosts active + broadcast addresses for all
net/subnets, or is a subnet that has a reasonable number of hosts and
space for expansion considered fully against the 25%-50% criteria? I
suppose that's a discussion for another day, but is yet another area where
ISP's/end-users have a tendancy to clash.


On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, David R Huberman wrote:

> > > - Both are judged to have used their existing assignment 'efficiently' if
> > >   they have used 80% of it.
> > 
> >   Nope. But I give up.
> You can't request an additional assignment of address space until you have
> efficiently utilized your existing address space. Why "Nope."?
> Otherwise, how can your request for additional address space be deemed
> justified? "We can't give you more - you still have plenty left from
> your last assignment."


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