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Re: Intellectual Property Claim Service for .BIZ

  • From: Gordon Cook
  • Date: Wed Jun 13 10:31:29 2001

why aren't you signing your nasty condescending note with your NeuLevel employee status Eric?

Eric Brunner-Williams NeuStar, Inc.
Senior Technical Industry Liaison
Phone: (Portland, ME) (Washington, DC) +1.202.533.2600/2975
smail: 1415 Forest Ave. 04103 1120 Vermont Ave. N.W., Ste 400, 20005

from another list yesterday

At 04:40 PM 6/12/01 -0400, you wrote:
         One and the same.

At 03:59 PM 6/12/2001 -0400, you wrote:
Is this the "native rights" Eric Brunner?
Fasten your seats then this is gonna be a rough ride.

I guess it's like what somebody told me about setting up a bar,
the first thing you do is get a big bouncer.


I'll leave it to others on Nanog to consider whether your ability to have a reasoned exchange of information fits the above description.

consider yourself filtered Eric <plonk>


I'll stick to the factual errors.

 One, that you correctly predict all creative constructions of domain
 names that may conflict with your mark.
The IP Claim service we deployed is for exact match, strcmp() returning 0.

Your items two and three are speculative, and anyone can speculate, which
may be the root problem.

Your conclusion (based upon one factual error and two speculative claims)
is contradicted by the experience with the URDP, and as the study was done
by academics (and fairly interesting, covering the major modes of DRP and
the outcome distributions) you may want to fix their methodology, data and
conclusions [1].

 So, if you want my proposal ...
Only 2 boundary conditions removed: existance of ICANN, existance of marks.

Neat. I'd have gone for gravity myself, it is such a bother.

 I hope that was interesting enough.
Fairly lame actually, on par with Jim Fleming's v8 cure for what ails the net
as a reality-based proposal, and dull-as-ditchwater/common-as-crud as netzine

Do your "business associates and perhaps [your] customers" give a fig about
your irrepressible vision and truth of DNS reform? Why? Are they bored?

Feel free to have the last word, its your scam. Follow-ups to the NANFG list.



[1] Preliminary Report from Max Planck Institute on UDRP study, ICANN
    DNSO Intellectual Property Constituency Meeting, Stockholm, 1 June


The COOK Report on Internet, 431 Greenway Ave, Ewing, NJ 08618 USA
(609) 882-2572 (phone & fax)   Index to 9 years
 of the COOK  Report at          For info on new Ethernet
in the First Mile and 10 Gig E issue go to
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