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Re: And then there were two

  • From: Larry Sheldon
  • Date: Thu Jun 07 08:58:38 2001

> > I am not a quantum physist (among many things I am not) but it would seem
> > that two is too many--the likelyhood that they would always be exactly equal
> > is vanishingly small (Heisingberg might insist it is impossible in principle)
> > and as soon as the become unequal one (both?) disappear.
> Ok, can someone tell me if I've fully understood this thread on peering agreements?
> Um, I mean ...  s/ANIMALS/PROVIDERS

In either case, I believe (in a Darwinian sense) that some behaviours are
good survival tactics, some are not.  "equality" is seldom mentioned
in the stuff I read as a survival tactic.

My guess is (and since it is a pretty big stretch to call me an ISP--I
do play one in local theater, it only a guess) that the better survival
tactic (better than worrying about "transit" and "peering") would involve
concepts like "providing services will pay money for at a rate larger
than I have to pay for them".
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