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Re: HTML-format postings

  • From: Todd Suiter
  • Date: Thu Jun 07 02:13:14 2001

(last one I swear) IF a thread gets to be that long, it belongs in a newsgroup or forum.   And, personally, I don't like editing other folks' stuff, stupid
or not, i think of their words as their property...

(and I honestly can't figure out why I'm contributing to this thread:)) t

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Jonas Luster wrote:

> * Todd Suiter sez:
> : People who top post actually bother you? Is the other way around for me, and
> It's not so much the people but the traffic. Top-Posting usually means
> Fullquote. Almost no top-poste I know bothers to shorten the content
> below his own $0.01. That said, let's just assume 10 top-posters with
> reasonably long texts in a row and you've got from 10 to 100 times more
> traffic than botton-postings. Multiply this by 1000 mailing list
> subscribers or some 10.000 Newsservers and you add quite some traffic to
> the 'net.
> Now let's just think for less than 3 seconds about the guys who make
> Mailing Lists happen. These guys and gals do it - in most cases - out of
> enthusiasm, paying bandwidth and server resources so _you_ can read and
> post. Adding extra traffix to their tab does not strike me as social
> behavior at all.
> I always saw Top/Bottom as some kind of age- (netwise) and
> clue-indicator, the former being a sure sign of less than 3 years of
> netizenship. That might just be me and should not influence your
> preferences, tho. Neither should the fact that in most European and
> American cultures text is read from top to bottom, assuming timelines
> and question/response pairs associated with the flow of information we
> receive and process. Unless you're an avvid Jeopardy fan, you might see
> my point here, I guess.
> So, that makes three reasons not to Top-Post, one of which I consider
> important. Just think about it, and then let's see how you like your new
> life as a bottom-poster.

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