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Re: HTML-format postings

  • From: Jonas Luster
  • Date: Thu Jun 07 02:03:24 2001

* Todd Suiter sez:

: People who top post actually bother you? Is the other way around for me, and

It's not so much the people but the traffic. Top-Posting usually means                       
Fullquote. Almost no top-poste I know bothers to shorten the content                         
below his own $0.01. That said, let's just assume 10 top-posters with                        
reasonably long texts in a row and you've got from 10 to 100 times more                      
traffic than botton-postings. Multiply this by 1000 mailing list                             
subscribers or some 10.000 Newsservers and you add quite some traffic to                     
the 'net.                                                                                    
Now let's just think for less than 3 seconds about the guys who make                         
Mailing Lists happen. These guys and gals do it - in most cases - out of                     
enthusiasm, paying bandwidth and server resources so _you_ can read and                      
post. Adding extra traffix to their tab does not strike me as social                         
behavior at all.                                                                             
I always saw Top/Bottom as some kind of age- (netwise) and                                   
clue-indicator, the former being a sure sign of less than 3 years of                         
netizenship. That might just be me and should not influence your                             
preferences, tho. Neither should the fact that in most European and                          
American cultures text is read from top to bottom, assuming timelines                        
and question/response pairs associated with the flow of information we                       
receive and process. Unless you're an avvid Jeopardy fan, you might see                      
my point here, I guess.                                                                      
So, that makes three reasons not to Top-Post, one of which I consider                        
important. Just think about it, and then let's see how you like your new                     
life as a bottom-poster.

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