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RE: small exchanges (was: Re: PSINet and C&W peering)

  • From: Joel Lafleur
  • Date: Tue Jun 05 17:54:32 2001

> OK.  I'll bite.
> On your 5-min aggregate graphs, you show the following numbers:
> Max  In: 184.8 Mb/s (6.6%)   Average  In: 41.9 Mb/s (1.5%)
> Current In: 44.1 Mb/s (1.6%)
> Max  Out: 84.7 Mb/s (3.0%)   Average  Out: 56.5 Mb/s (2.0%)
> Current Out: 57.2 Mb/s (2.0%)
> How is it that in an exchange fabric, you're showing 13.1Mb/s difference
> between what it put into the fabric and what is going out of the fabric
> for this poll and 100.1Mb/s over the past 32 hours?  Perhaps I'm missing
> something but, it is my understanding that exchange points provide a
> fabric for peers to exchange traffic.  By that simple definition, when one
> peer sends traffic out it's exchange point interface, it's destined for
> another peer on the fabric and the numbers for IN/OUT of the fabric will
> be REAL close to identical.  (I understand that with 5-min polling, they
> don't always jive perfectly but, I've never seen them be that far out of
> whack!)

I guess I can better answer that.  One of the members ports wasn't being
added for the graph which has now been corrected.  If you look at the
historical data, before the middle of week 21, you will see what you were
expecting.  The switch and interface numbers changed during week 21 which
caused a little disruption in the graphing.


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