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Re: Rooted boxen and the law

  • From: Alexei Roudnev
  • Date: Tue Jun 05 14:01:38 2001

The best you can do (if you have a time) is to trace this kids back; found where
they store stolen/sniffered information, where they are coming from (I have
installed my own trojan on my host to do it); look into the sniffer logs thay (may
be) have there and determine which other passwords are compromised and (may be)
you'll found their own passwords here. If you have more time and hackers are
active - create frauded account on other system, present it to the hackers by
their own sniffer, and look where from this account will be used. If you have even
more time, create frauded credit card number, make sure they get it, and trace
back... And so on.

When re-installing system, don't close their backdoor but set up a banner _system
is overloaded, try later_ and you'll have a chance to get more information -:).

Really, any hackers can be traced to it's roots, but it takes a lot of time to do

PS. And don't hope FBI or someone other will help; except if there is a real

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jamie Norwood" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 5:38 AM
Subject: Rooted boxen and the law

> I am just curious, in these days where every script kiddie with a few spare
> hours is out cracking into every box in sight, what do you all do when it
> happens? I know the isolate/reinstall stuff, I am specifically more interested
> in administrative stuff. Do you log it? Report it to the police? FBI? Who?
> Basically, I just had a box cracked, and have time to kill before I get
> access to it to reinstall (Damn cheap colo provider...) and am wondering
> if I should just reinstall and get on with life, or if I should be covering
> my ass, since I have things on their that will make me unhappy if they are
> taken and released to the public domaine (Reg codes for software and the
> like.)
> Let me know!
> Jamie

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