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Re: AS Leakage

  • From: Darrin Walton
  • Date: Wed Apr 04 22:08:00 2001
  • Phone: +1 703 744 8700

  |+ Did I say anything about requirements or anyone sharing employment history
  |+ with me?  I simply restated a previous observation which is that many list
  |+ participants post from someplace other than their work email address.

	you whined, basically because you did not know where someone
worked based on there email address.  Stop whining, and we won't have this

  |+ I got bombarded with emails from people because they ASSUMED that I knew
  |+ someone worked for 3967.  I didn't.

	Your fault, for making it sound like you did.

  |+ I propose that you treat me in the manner in which you expect to be
  |+ treated.  That is all I propose.  The last time I checked, it wasn't 
  |+ me who pissed in your cereal.

	My first email was not one being pissy, or being rude.  Why is it
you, who always tries to get people excited, and upset?  I say this,
especially because of the paragraph:

  |+ Did you bother reading the post prior to replying?  Is English not your
  |+ primary language?  Is there some other reason why you don't understand
  |+ "Had I known he was with Exodus, there would have been no question about
  |+ his having multiple paths..."?

	Your first question means nothing to me.  Its very pointless.

	Your second question.  I already answered this.  Let me try again,
maybe this time you will understand.

	Do you honestly think, a company like Exodus would only have one
path to 701?  Regardless of who said Exodus did, why would you not believe

  |+ As for paths into 701, we three.  All of them > DS3.

	Quite funny, why do I not see 13944 behind 701?  (I mean, I could
go 701 -> 6347 -> 13944, or 6259 -> 13944, but not 701 -> 13944).  Is
something wrong on your side?

  |+ Have a nice day Darrin.

	having a great day, how about yourself?

darrin walton,

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