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Roaring Penguin - Re: PPPoE server software?

  • From: Karl
  • Date: Tue Mar 27 16:36:53 2001

Hi Matt,

I recalled reading a PPPoE thread on a list a few months ago, so I grepped
around and found something on the Mid-Atlantic LUG archives:

At that page, Billy Ball breifly sketches out how you can set up PPPoE
with tools from roaring penguin:

If you can't find everything you were looking for on the roaring penguin
page, and msg00229, you might find tweaks in the PPPoE threads here:

I hope the two first URLs give you the PPPoE server leads you were looking


PS- sorry if you got this twice. Had probs posting to list.

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Matt Cramer wrote:

> We are looking to test various DSL modems and routers in our lab, but
> can't get a DSL connection put in that building according to Verizon.
> I'd like to simulate one by running my own PPPoE server (my purpose is
> to test the various SOHO routers on the market, particularly the
> Linksys and the Cisco).
> If anyone has any information about doing this, such as pointers to
> PPPoE server software (I'd prefer to do it with linux or BSD), I would
> appreciate the info.
> Thanks,
> Matt
> - --
> Matthew S. Cramer <>   Office: 717-396-5032
> Lead Security Analyst                        Fax:    717-396-5590
> Armstrong Information Technology Services    Pager:  717-305-3915
> Armstrong World Industries, Inc.             Cell:   717-951-0141
> Version: 2.6.3i
> Charset: ascii
> iQEVAwUBOr9k8QdAU78fakRxAQG6LAf7BWyQBomGC8wP/QJZfc/nOtscImITGF+2
> hBXuRGdBoIjQVF84htsPEbz/n2YTch5FEdRmeKxRkD9ul9bPX4wgH7enJKurhM5n
> rYw4gHwtJNu8IInnarHuJfa4M518tALvLq/ea0tu0oMOj0Eu9f601D20qtDtoXh7
> 1KIVBZ8SpKFpXKoly0yHBfYZgo6pWZVkSiv4wtx5U+zlMzX2f7iNEPXSX0LH9BCl
> b3VA///LOQ7rVqVa1rNQpNycR6yPIHZrmauDEy4Qn+bG4WtwSd3xk7De02RnXjBm
> 2NlJ9+hNt4Mm8luYyX96x9NcwBUPYhkPZFqSSHa+Cqg4AQ0Kd60GfQ==
> =v2jZ

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