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RE: Multiple Roots simply need context

  • From: Timothy R. McKee
  • Date: Mon Mar 19 16:16:52 2001

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The day that I have to start asking John Doe User questions like this is the
day I move back into systems programming, writing device drivers is much
less of a headache.  I can just see the vendors ads now...  go to (if you are context) or
(if you are in context).  If this happens most of our normal user
base will begin leaving in droves.  (Count LOST REVENUE...  LOST JOBS...

This is not an academic exercise.  This has become a business catering to
ordinary people that are NOT computer/network wizards.  The minute we start
to require our users to make informed complicated decisions we will begin to
loose them all.

In the telco world this would be the equivalent of a telco subscribing to
one of several SS7 providers - each with overlapping SS7 point codes (this
is the telephony routing table).

> -----Original Message-----
> From: []On Behalf Of
> Chris Davis
> Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 15:24
> To: ''
> Subject: Multiple Roots simply need context
> There is no problem in having hundreds or thousands of multiple
> root servers
> for DNS.
> We have a problem with CONTEXT.  There is no existing way to ascertain the
> context from which users are resolving domain names.
> Solution:  DNS Context Servers...  DNS operators subscribe their
> machines to
> the DNS context they want.  In one context, ".xxx" can resolve
> via,
> in another context, ".xxx" resolves via one of the other .xxx
> providers.  To
> keep ICANN and friends happy, ICANN could be the "default" context.
> Help calls then have one and only one additional question:  "To which DNS
> context do you subscribe?"
> Context servers are pretty obviously where things are headed.  Sooner or
> later, some company is going to "take."  If we already have DNS
> context servers in place, life will be much easier when an alternative TLD
> provider does succeed.
> -Chris Davis
> --not really selling private address space, that was a joke
> --not a fan of's plugin, since it breaks ping, traceroute, and
> tradition
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