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Re: Statements against

  • From: Adam Rothschild
  • Date: Fri Mar 16 14:22:52 2001

On Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 12:58:10AM -0800, Roeland Meyer wrote:
> Because you can't change your upstream and keep your net-block.

I still don't understand why this is so important, especially for
networks with only a /24 or so of public visibility.

> I was answering the point, that there was no particular advantage
> between one IP addr block and another. I was disproving that
> statement. Please learn to understand the difference between making
> a point and advocating a position.

Translation: "I don't like the current system, but I'm not going to do
anything about it, short of posting flame bait to this list"

> [...] This is one clue that you may be missing. 


> You might also catch the clue that, as folks migrate more to RAIC
> (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Computers) configurations, they will
> swallow more IP addrs. When I can get a 100 node Linux cluster to do
> the job of a Sun e6500, for one-tenth the cost, I'll be more than
> happy to burn the IP addrs. 

Do all 100 machines need globally routable (and provider-independent,
no less) IP's?  That could pose a bit of a security issue, especially
if these are back-end machines housing sensitive data, and aren't
locked down tight enough.

> Now, try and renumber/test/redeploy that mess in a day [...]

s/day/few minutes/

Easy done, using the same mechanism you're using to make sure configs,
software, content, security, network settings, etc are in sync, right?

> Actually, investor folk look at some of that for obvious (to
> everyone but you)


> reasons. Which co-los are being used, as well as how many of them,
> make a big statement on robustness.  However, too many locations
> indicate wastage of funds. It also indicates access to bandwidth and
> scaleability.

Yes, proper due diligence is always important, especially in light of
the recent dot.bomb failures.  But what I was responding to was not
that, but rather, your assertion that the investment community
considers certain _IP blocks_ to be more desirable than others.


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