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Re: Broken Internet?

  • From: Adam McKenna
  • Date: Fri Mar 16 04:00:21 2001

On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 10:25:08PM -0800, Roeland Meyer wrote:
> Good, then you won't mind paying for my renumber then ... BTW, having gone
> through this excersize a number of times, you are wrong. I depends on what
> types of services you are ruinning on how many hosts and the complexity of
> your distributed clusters. The ones that gave me the greatest heartburn is
> my Oracle DB cluster.

Why, exactly, does your Oracle DB cluster need to be in routable address
space?  Are people connecting to it from outside of your company?

> But, my root zone cluster was almost as bad, followed
> closely by my web cluster and my Win2K AD/DDNS domains. Of course,
> re-engineering a /24 onto a /27 ate a bunch of time. Oh yeah, since the
> revenues were flat-lined, I couldn't afford to pay the SA staff and I had to
> do it myself, whilst also fending off the legal notices of those excersizing
> their software escrow clauses and others whom were P-O'd about my TLS
> servers being suddenly off-line. 60% of that /24 are various forms of server
> cluster.

You decided to run a business on DSL, and now you're paying the price for
that.  You really have nothing to complain about except your own bad
judgement.  Why is this thread still going?


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