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Re: Statements against

  • From: Ben Browning
  • Date: Fri Mar 16 01:42:18 2001

At 12:59 PM 3/15/2001, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Ben Browning wrote:
> I dare say there is a good consumer demand for a flying car, or a cure for

And people are working towards both. In fact, there are a couple of
"flying cars"(different companies implementations) out there. What's your
My point is that the laws of physics do not bend to allow an Edsel to sail through the air with the greatest of ease, regardless of how fervently Joe Sixpack may wish it. My point is that, although I could drive the aforementioned Edsel off a cliff and market it as a way to make a backwards-compatible flying car upgrade, it still ain't. The only difference here is new.nets stupidity is a bit more subtle.

Please do not duck the next time the clue-by-four swings your way.

> Although consumer demand is not driven by our technical expertise, neither
> are our networks dictated by consumer demand.

Without consumer demand, it is highly unlikely that you'd have a network
to speak of.
Without us, it's highly unlikely consumers would have a network to demand.

Symbiotic relationships are not necessarily causal.

I agree with you, 100%. I don't believe one company should either, rather
it be NSI, ICANN,, or any other player. But that is exactly what
the majority of individuals appear to be rather voiceferously
advocating, saying anything outside the "sanctioned root"(whatever that
means) should be blackholed, the people offfering such TLDS are "frauds",
"The Board of ICANN is composed of nineteen Directors: nine At-Large Directors, nine selected by ICANN's three supporting organizations, and the President/CEO (ex officio). Five of the current At-Large Directors were selected according to a vote of Internet users worldwide."

As opposed to " was started in May 2000 by idealab!, a leading Internet incubator. We have developed proprietary technology that allows our domain-naming system to exist alongside the traditional naming systems currently in use on the Internet. has applied for patent protection for this technology."

At least ICANN has some pretense of democracy.

And before you climb on to the trusty soapbox, please don't. I think we are all familiar with your "Damn the [ICANN|NSI] man!" tirade.

~Ben, as always, speaking for himself.
Ben Browning <>
The River Internet Access Co.
Network Operations

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