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Reality Check

  • From: Timothy R. McKee
  • Date: Wed Mar 14 14:17:47 2001

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Let's have a reality check here.

Our job as **OPERATORS** is to provide our subscribers with simple and
reliable access to what they consider as the Global Internet.  They have the
following 2 reasonable expectations:

1) That they can access any publicly acessible web, ftp, email, etc server
anywhere in the world by using the destination's published textual address.
Without, I might add, having to know that certain locations require loading
a special plug-in, changing their resolver, or artificially padding the

2) That their customers or prospective customers can access any server OF
ANY TYPE that they declare to be public by means of a single published
textual address, usually in URL format.  Again, with the same caveats as
item 1.

   ** I challenge anyone to prove to me that      **
   ** their actual customers DON'T expect this!!! **

Remember that, regardless of theoretical arguments, _WE_ are the ones that
have to deal with the messes that result from things like this...  _WE_ are
the ones who will have to pay for the increased NOC and Tech Support staff
and phone charges...

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