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RE: Statements against

  • From: Mathias Koerber
  • Date: Wed Mar 14 01:30:55 2001

> > And.. if you let do it then every other capitalist in the world
> > will start doing it and then the Internet will become disfunctional, and
> > what will that achieve? 
> Uhhh, so what if they do? Nobody is forcing you to use, or ORSC
> or TINC or whoever, or even setup your own roots with the "pick of the 
> bunch" from ORSC or TINC or whoever.
> If you don't use the alternative roots, you're not affected by their 
> existance...  so you can just pretend they don't exist and live life in
> your 2826 compliant happy world.

Oh yes I am (or may (will ?!)) be, because it does not depend on which root
I am using, but which root anyone wanting to send me email is using, as with multiple
roots there is potential that email sent by them (or though them) is either not going
to make it (becausethey or an intermediate site cannot resolve my email address)
or to someone else (because there is a duplication of domains).
Same goes for web etc.

The larger damage is going to be the legal fallout when multiple 'owners' of the
same domain (owned by different roots) start fighting for the right to 'their' name.
It will take many courts many years to decide that, with decisions even worse and diverse
than are right now coming out of the UDRP. Moreover, it will take just to decide on
which courts have jurisdiction (or if a court declares itself competent to make owners, registries
etc in other jurisdictions comply).
This is a can of worms we should *not* open. The only ones profiting by it would be lawyers,
and I think even they would not really welcome this. 


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