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Re: NetSol Host Changes, NetSol Problems

  • From: Aaron L. Meehan
  • Date: Thu Mar 08 19:05:55 2001

Quoting Mike Batchelor (
> > I am trying to make a name and IP address change to one of my DNS
> > hosts.  The template is filled out correctly and set to modify as
> > opposed to new.  Every time I send a template in to NetSol, it comes
> > back:
> >
> > ERROR: host <> not registered
> Is the domain under which this new host lives held at NSI's registrar?  I
> got this same sort of problem a few months ago, and finally I was told by
> NSI that I cannot make changes to my hosts under using NSI's host
> template anymore.  

The same thing happened to me the other day, for  All I
wanted was to change the name and IP address of that currently
registered host, but the response I received was the same as above.
This peculiar situation did cause me much unneeded grief.
is still at Netsol.

Now, I could accomplish the same thing by registering a new host, but
then I would have to manually update hundreds of domains :-) I could
whip up something to automate it, but why should I have to?

> I must go through the current registrar for,
> which is, who was at first confused by what NSI had told me.
> But they figured out what to do, and made the change appear in the glue from
> the gTLD servers somehow.  But the crsnic registry still shows the old
> address for

I don't get that.  All the registrars get their host info from
Netsol's database, don't they?  Instead of changing the name I merely
changed the IP address--that at least worked--and our newly-registered
domains at OpenSRS also showed the server's new IP address in WHOIS in
short order.

Arrgg, domain name/host registration gets more bizarre every day.  We
have prospective customers that have registered at this registrar,
another at THAT registrar, and another at yet ANOTHER registrar.  Many
haven't a clue what their authentication info is.  We used to not
charge for transferring name service to us, but we're starting to need
to now so as to get them all under ONE registry (we use OpenSRS these
days), in order to keep it simple.

And, we now get spammed to register here or there...


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