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Re: yet another dns namespace overlay play

  • From: Krzysztof Adamski
  • Date: Thu Mar 08 15:11:59 2001

I just got a customer that has "registered" 4 domains with, is
there a place I can direct them to, so they can read about this "scam"?


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> [ this came from and appears not to be
>   a joke.  its operational impact will not be felt today, but if it's even
>   moderately popular before it dies, operational impact WILL be felt.  i'm
>   quite surprised by some of the folks they list as their partners.  --vix ]
>   Contact:
>   Claudia de Llano or Lisa Doiron
>   Connors Communications
>   (310) 452-7540
> or
>                                                   Brad Copeland
>                                         , Inc.
>                                                   626-229-7800
> Expands Internet Naming With Launch of 20 New Top-Level Domain Names
>          New Domain Name Registry's Technology Uses Existing Internet
>        Naming System to Make Available Sensible, Meaningful Web Addresses 
> Pasadena, Calif. - March 5, 2001 - (, a domain
> name registry created to meet the market demand for Web addresses with
> logical, easy-to-remember extensions that make Internet navigation easier,
> today officially released its first 20 new top-level domains. has
> developed a novel, proprietary approach, using software technology deployed
> at either the network level by partner ISPs or on individual PCs, that uses
> the existing Internet naming system to enable millions of users to gain
> access to these new addresses.
> With this launch, the Internet community will be able to purchase and use
> domain names with extensions ("top-level domains") that were previously
> unavailable. Each of the new top-level domains was chosen to enable
> organizations and individuals to create Web addresses that more clearly
> describe their product, service offering, group activity or passion. The
> first 20 top-level domains being released are:
>              .CHAT      .GMBH       .LTD        .SPORT
>              .CLUB      .HOLA       .MED        .TECH
>              .FAMILY    .INC        .MP3        .TRAVEL
>              .FREE      .KIDS       .SHOP       .VIDEO
>              .GAME      .LAW        .SOC        .XXX
> " will dramatically broaden the scope of available domain names,"
> said David Hernand, CEO of "Our research has indicated a
> tremendous market demand to move beyond .com and .net. We believe these new
> extensions will make it far easier for companies and individuals to market
> their Web sites using more intuitive addresses and for Internet users to
> navigate the Web."
> Availability
> Domain names using the initial set of extensions are available on a
> first-come, first-served basis for a flat fee of $25 per year.
> anticipates that the availability of such descriptive extensions will
> inspire purchasers to provide content that is relevant to the specific
> domain names purchased. However, as an added benefit to parents, the
> company will require those purchasing domain names ending in .kids to offer
> Web sites that contain kid-friendly content and comply with the Children's
> Online Privacy Protection Act, and it reserves the right to revoke names
> that aren't used accordingly.
> Partnerships
> Through strategic relationships with leading Internet Service Providers
> (ISPs), including EarthLink, Excite@Home, and NetZero, over 16 million
> users will have access to the domains beginning this week. Other
> Web users can activate their Internet browsers to recognize the new domain
> names in a few seconds by visiting
> "EarthLink is excited to partner with as we identify new ways for
> our subscribers to more easily find information on the Internet and in
> turn, make their own Web sites more readily accessible to others," said,
> Jon Irwin, executive vice president of EarthLink's user experience. "By
> automatically making available to our customer base, we are
> enhancing EarthLink's online experience and helping to provide an open,
> uncensored connection to the real Internet."
> has also embarked on a series of partnerships designed to promote
> the mass downloading of its browser plug-in and widespread use of its new
> domain names. In the first of these announcements, has partnered
> with As a result of this partnership, will be an exclusive
> third-party seller of .mp3 domain names and will encourage its millions of
> visitors to activate's browser plug-in.'s Web site hosts
> what it believes is the largest collection of digital music available on
> the Internet, with audio files posted from over 135,000 digital artists and
> record labels. These artists will be able to sign up for unique Web
> addresses with their name and the .mp3 extension (e.g.,
> www.artistname.mp3).
> Opportunities also exist for current registries and registrars of .com and
> other domain names. is currently in discussions with a wide variety
> of companies to offer the domains to their customers.
> is making additional efforts to win the trust of parents that .kids
> sites will be appropriate for their children. As part of that effort,
> has reached an agreement in principle with .KIDS Domains, Inc. to
> be the official registry of .kids domain names. Those applying for .kids
> domain names will be required to publish content that is "kid-friendly" and
> in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and
> .KIDS Domains guidelines. .KIDS Domains will be screening all requests for
> .kids domain names for appropriateness and will be implementing a process
> to evaluate sites' compliance with guidelines for kid-friendly content.
> The International Solution
> "We believe that's new domains will be particularly attractive to
> the international community, which has been long-neglected by the existing
> naming system," added Hernand. "By adding .gmbh, .ltd and .soc, in addition
> to .inc, we can provide a more sensible naming system for businesses in a
> wide variety of countries. And by introducing the .hola extension, we have
> a unique top-level domain that will appeal to the growing population of
> Spanish-speaking Internet families in the U.S. and around the world. In
> addition,'s technology will allow the use of foreign-language
> characters in both the domain name and the extension, unique among naming
> systems."
> The Technology
> is able to provide use of these new, top-level domains through
> innovative, patent-pending technology that allows the names to live
> within the existing Internet domain name system. Whether on an individual
> browser level via the plug-in, or through software resident on a
> participating ISP's server, requests to display Web pages with
> domain names are resolved by appending the additional extension
> onto the address. As a result, requests are automatically routed to
>'s DNS servers to determine the correct IP address of the computer
> hosting the Web page. has partnered with UltraDNS, one of the
> Internet's leading DNS infrastructure services companies, to provide
> scalable, global DNS services.
> The Future
> plans to introduce additional new top-level domains based on
> consumer and business demand. The company is engaged in ongoing market
> research to narrow the list of possibilities and is actively seeking
> consumer feedback on its Web site in order to assist in making sound,
> market-driven choices. will also consider proposals submitted by
> third parties interested in having particular top-level domains released.
> About
> ( is building the Internet's leading
> market-driven domain name registry business by selling domain names with
> logical, easy-to-remember top-level domain extensions that make the
> Internet easier to navigate. Based in Pasadena, California, the company was
> started in May 2000 by idealab!, a leading Internet incubator. Since that
> time, has developed propriety technology that allows its
> domain-naming system to exist alongside the traditional naming systems
> currently in use on the Internet.
>                   # # #
>      2001, Inc. All rights reserved.

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