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Re: yet another dns namespace overlay play

  • From: Charles Sprickman
  • Date: Thu Mar 08 01:40:12 2001

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, John A. Tamplin wrote:

> So under that analogy, if a magazine was started up called "Walmart Sucks"
> I am pretty sure Walmart would go after them and win.  If you disagree with
> that analogy, then we are each entitled to our opinions until the law is
> clarified.

If I believe (meaning I have a deep personal conviction) that WalMart is a
giant evil sucking hole that has ruined large swaths of rural america by
driving small businesses out of town, why am I not protected by the First
Amendment if I choose to publish (paper/web) a magazine whose mission is
to publicize the negative impacts on society that WalMart has?  Assume
this publication is targetted at small businesses and has helpful hints
for staying in business and editorial content that portrays WalMart in a
negative light.

Why can I not then call this publication "WalMart Sucks", or "Beating
WalMart"?  What could more accurately and fairly describe what one finds
inside the site/magazine?

It really feels more like an issue of bullying to me.


core-1(config)# ip route null0

> Reminds me of the latter days of Usenet usefulness when the name of a
> newsgroup was a statement itself rather than any articles posted under it.
> John A. Tamplin
> 770/436-5387 HOME				4116 Manson Ave
> 770/431-9459 FAX		 		Smyrna, GA  30082-3723

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