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Re: yet another dns namespace overlay play

  • From: Eric A. Hall
  • Date: Tue Mar 06 20:47:45 2001

> Using the stub config, you don't have to alter your root.cache.

Looking at their web site it appears there are two options for uses other
than browsers: stub the fake zones on your own server, or use their root
zone (local or remote copy, either way it's still their private root).

The original issue still exists in either case. If a user sends a query
for -- and if that query is redirected to a "partner"
ISP's DNS servers for resolution (because the ISP has configed the client
this way via PPP or DHCP or whatever) -- then will the query be answered
with RRs for the fake TLD or will it be answered with CNAME or
DNAME answers/referrals.

Similarly, this is also a question for the browser plug-in: does the
"query" get changed to or does it get passed in original
form to their root servers? We have been assuming the former but I'm not
sure that's what they'll be doing in light of the above.

The real question is "do member zones exist under the fake root or under
the hierararchy?" IE, is the fake root just providing referrals
to the hierarchy or is it really acting like a new hierarchy?

For mail processing purposes, referrals would seem to be the same way to
go, with all customers getting a 3LD under, and also getting a 2LD
under one of the fake TLDs. Using a fake 2LD for daily operations would
require that everybody who ever wanted to send you mail had access to the
fake zone structure. Conversely, if it's just a web-branding thing, then
the fake zones via the web snapin would work okay (but ping and other
tools sure wouldn't).

I suppose this is more of a concern with how they are positioning it and
the expectations they are setting.

And voila:

"9. Can I use my domain for email?
"We are currently working on an email solution to parallel our Web site
addressing system. In the meantime, you may send or receive emails at your domain by appending onto your domain name.

"For example, if your domain is and you have chosen as your email address, you can use as
your temporary address until your email software is published. We will
notify all domain name holders when that software is available."

This will collapse before too long. We should start a pool on how long
they last.

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols

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