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Re: rfc 1918?

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Fri Feb 23 03:18:28 2001

[ On Friday, February 23, 2001 at 02:28:07 (-0500), Andrew Brown wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: rfc 1918?
> indeed.  i fought with uunet a couple of years ago about this.  after
> about a dozen phone calls, countless emails (including a few megabytes
> of packet dumps), and who knows how many people, i finally reached
> someone at uunet who was willing to say "no, we don't filter that
> stuff and no, we aren't going to".

Well, to give them a wee bit of credit, they're not going to break their
own network operations by shooting themselves in the foot over this
issue!  ;-)

Same goes for @Home (and many of the larger cable operators who did
their own thing before they were sucked into the @Home vacuum, such as
Rogers here in Ontario), and several other large providers.

Someday, maybe, they'll eventually renumber out of RFC-1918 space and
then be able to properly filter it.  Meanwhile every large provider
simply acts as if they own the entire works (and some more so than
others to judge from the number of leaked BGP annoucments that are
continually reported everywhere).

Clearly if RFC-1918 is ever to fully succeed and to migrate into being a
proper standard everyone will have to renumber their public uses of any
private addressing and install full filters for all private address

On the other hand if IPv4 space does ever get really and truly tight and
if IANA and ARIN et al are put between a very large rock and a very hard
place, and given perpetuation of the current state of affairs, that they
might not just consider allocating at least some RFC-1918 address space
publicly.  Heaven help the poor suckers that get stuck with it, at least
for the first year or two, unless of course they happen to be the likes
of UUNET or @Home, etc.  :-)

I know several largish organisations, and at least a couple of providers
of some note, who are still using non-RFC-1918 space as if it's private,
and some of these are even still using space that's now allocated
publicly.  Their users obviously can't see the public users, and vice
versa, but at least in those cases its rarely more than a /16 each and
you can still almost get buy with blaming such problems on the
instability of the Internet if any of your users complain!  :-)

							Greg A. Woods

+1 416 218-0098      VE3TCP      <>      <robohack!woods>
Planix, Inc. <>; Secrets of the Weird <>

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