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Re: Network for Sale

  • From: David Diaz
  • Date: Thu Feb 22 00:39:43 2001

<last rant>

I am not one of the guys "there" and do not take credit for their work. I wont bother arguing the same comments that are posted once a year. It would probably bring up the argument of defining transit free and tier1. Im not sure a arguing a company with 4 T1s and limited public peering was tier1. I think there is a bit more there and it was not a "little" evolution. That credit goes to the 185 some odd employees there today "making it happen." I think it's wrong to cheapen the efforts of all those who put in the hours there to take it to 50 facilities and overbuild the network at least 4 times since.

Anyone want to remember gated and those old GRF routers? To all the peers that peered with Netrail when a BGP session bounced, and just gave us a nod instead of a shout... you deserve some thanks also. I would like to believe some of the lessons learned from the GRFs ended up reincarnated in todays Junipers.

At 12:19 AM -0500 2/22/01, Nathan Stratton wrote:
On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, David Diaz wrote:

 One reason why I thought the name should have been changed long ago.
 The only thing about Netrail that is legacy is the name.  There is
 nothing left from the original company of long ago and a name change
 would have helped show that.  The people there have helped bring it a
 long way and deserve the credit for doing so.   It brings up the
 interesting point of when do the people that are there start getting
 the credit instead of a former founder that has not had anything to
 do with the company for 4 years.  I mean that as a general topic not
 just relating to Netrail.
All you guys did was add money to what I built. You are selling because of
the peering that I set up. Sure you expanded on that a lot, but I am the
guy who got NetRail transit free.

 As far as this deal going Im sure that 360 got a hell of a head start
 on an IP network by their purchase and Netrail found a good home.
 Nice to see happy endings on the net.
Well happy endings are when I get paid for my company. What 360 wants what
I built, not what you guys did after I left.

 My hats off to the Netrail team.  Especial congrats to Nathan E,
 Mark, Keith and Brandon.  I also hope Scott P never decides to flame
 me on a lis, apparently he has a talent.  I hope you all are getting
 360network Porsches.
Nathan E and Keith are great guys, I am the guy who hired them and get
them into this business.

P.S. Nathan E and Keith, I do hope you get your Porsches, you guys have
come a very very long way in 5 years. I wish I made some money from
NetRail, but I was albe to buy my Porsche and house without NetRail and
would love to race someday in Atlanta. I may not win in my Boxster S, but
my new 911 GT3 will blow you away. :-)


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