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Re: Beer and Gear surprise

  • From: Ukyo Kuonji
  • Date: Wed Feb 21 14:10:33 2001

I will accept your word that people were leaving before the end, however I know that the beer and gear didn't start early, and I got whatever there was to get, and even a little extra from a couple vendors. There seemed to have been no shortage that would have required people to get there early.

At 21, the doors to beer and gear were not opened until 5:30. I would have to propose that if there is a problem with people leaving early to go to beer and gear, just close the doors to the beer and gear until the designated start time.

I believe that the reason why people left the IXP panel in DC was that it was a pretty darn boring panel. You tend to get people drifting after the 3rd presenter anyway, and although I stayed for the whole thing, I certainly was starting to fall asleep. This may have been a problem in Atlanta with the VPN panel as well. After the 3rd presentation people tent to shut down. Better to keep each presentaation short, and just spark more questions than put everyone to sleep.

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----Original Message Follows----
From: Stephen Stuart <>
To: "Ukyo Kuonji" <>
Subject: Re: Beer and Gear surprise
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:33:54 -0800

> I was at NANOG 20, and I seem to remember that the technical talks were over
> a good 20-30 minutes before Beer and Gear. If people were leaving the talks
> early, I'm sure it was not the fault of the vendors. I certainly don't
> think that people should have been offended by it.

The vendors set up early and left their stuff unattended. The supply
of particular trinket was pretty much exhausted by people leaving the
talks 20-30 minutes early to ensure their possession of that NANOG's
"must-have" trinket.

> As far as being "sexist", I know more women that wear boxers than men.

The boxers were not the issue, despite rumor to the contrary.


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