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Re: UUNet?

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Mon May 29 05:29:01 2000

> Well, I did make my buying decision based on AboveNet's full-disclosure
> policy, and so I am voting with my wallet.  I didn't follow it, but I
> don't think that AboveNet's stock price reflected poorly on their policy
> either.

Some companies believe that they can best serve the interests of their
shareholders, and hence the share price, if they service customers better.
Other's (like UUNET it seems - whoever they are nowadays) seem to believe
that increasing share value is the only aim, and anything that can
potentially lower that value - even if only for a very short time - must be
avoided at all costs. This includes admitting to failure.

I subscribe my own company (who is not public, and no plans to do so, hence
share value is not volatile anyway) to the former value set. Very few people
will admit publicly to managing a company of the latter - since this in
itself may lower share values :(

I also suspect that the punative principles of the US civil law system
contribute to companies never admitting fault or liability, even when
protected by contracts. Note that I am not knocking that system - I like the
general prinicple of corporate punishment (no pun intended, but it reads
well anyhow :) - but abuse by ambulance chasers is too easy, or so it


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