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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: ww
  • Date: Sat May 13 23:34:38 2000

Hash: RIPEMD160

There  is a  pretty simple  solution to  this problem.   It  should be
implemented  at the  MAN  level as  it  seems difficult  to get  large
providers  to  cooperate well  enough  for this  to  work,  but it  is
probably feasable for smaller organisations.

A  small group  if service  providers  in the  same geographical  area
jointly apply for a good sized block of address space, say a /18. They
also jointly  apply for an ASN  from which this address  space will be
advertised  (they could  just as  well each  advertise it  from within
their own  AS, but some people  don't like seeing  inconsistent ASs in
the global BGP tables). When they  get a customer that may only need a
/24 that  wants to be multi-homed,  they suggest that they  get a feed
from one of the other providers in the group.

The  group  of  providers  can transfer  routing  information  between
themselves using the routing protocol of their choice. This would mean
a small  increase in the  size of local  (i.e.  within the ASs  of the
group) routing  tables, but a negligible  increase in the  size of the
global BGP tables.

- -w
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