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Re: Network Solutions, HOSTS

  • From: Daniel Senie
  • Date: Mon Apr 10 20:22:57 2000

"Gregory A. Carter" wrote:
>  Tom Spindler [Re: Network Solutions, HOSTS] 4.10.2000
>  ......................................................................
>  . In other more easily-verifiable NSI news, automated updates of domains
>  . with the 'service agreement' are _still_ not working, have not been
>  . working for the past three weeks, and have no ETA to be fixed.
>  ......................................................................
> As I've received a bunch of private email as well in responce to my
> orignal post I am making an educated guess that this very thing you have
> stated is the root issue.  NSI doesn't seem to be processing any of the
> `service agreement' requests for whatever reason.  Unfortuantely for us,
> that's the only way they have provided to the consumers to deal with
> modification updates.  Else having to call them up however I have yet to
> call up and -not- get disconnected by an automated voicemail.
> Does anyone have a copy of the contract between the government and NSI in
> regards to the domain registry?  It'd be interesting to see if the service
> (or lack there of), they are currently providing the consumer is in
> breech of contract.

What's broken at NSI's website is the ability to use their web pages to
generate filled-in templates to make changes, and then have those
templates accepted by their automated processing system. The version of
the template created by their website is rejected by their email-based

If you instead go to their website and find the TEXT file of the
template (which will be version 6.0 as of the last time I grabbed it),
fill that in and mail it in, it'll be processed without problem. Indeed,
updates have been FLYING through the system, likely because of the lack
of any other updates happening due to their blunders.

I've been busy transferring over my domains to OpenSRS, since they seem
to actually care if their systems work. I'd have called NSI to tell them
about the error, but they've NEVER bothered listening to anyone other
than a few huge customers when it comes to people pointing out their
bugs... Now that I can vote with my wallet, I'm doing so.

Daniel Senie                              
Amaranth Networks Inc.          

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