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Re: whois broke again?

  • From: Rodney Joffe
  • Date: Mon Feb 21 02:59:25 2000

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Rodney Joffe wrote:

> A replacement for what?
> Don't we already have plenty of documents describing the protocols?

What protocols? Whois? Yes, but whois is broken in this context because
both the data, and the systems controlling the data, are corrupted, and
corrupt. Are you referring to RFC1913 and RFC1914? Maybe they can be

> Are you referring to a BCP?

No. A BCP document would be useful, but more like putting the cart
before the horse.

A functional equivalent of whois, but *not* controlled by the registry,
is required. Bill Manning describes something that really is delegated
to the edge. In his usage, DNS itself is used. Assuming that DNS
administrators could be convinced to all update their data, IP issues
can be resolved well. And ditto for domain names. But Bill uses TXT
records. TXT records are not defined, or formatted. They are just that:
Text records. So Bill can enter whatever data *he* thinks would be
appropriate. Perhaps in this solution, BCP would work, with the hope
that the unwashed masses would follow them. 

My limited experience indicates that you have to provide step-by-step
paint-by-numbers help to users. Like:

Email address of Technical Contact
Phone Number
Pager Number

Whatever it is, an rfc is necessary first. And the current location
(domain registration) for whois data is not appropriate. 

Of course if ICANN could be convinced to do the "right thing(tm)" none
of this would matter. Have you noticed the data in RIPE records? I'm yet
to find bad data, or unreachable contacts.

I feel most hopeful about the ARIN side of the house. It's still run be
white hats, is governed by a board of really clueful people, and is
guided by an advisory board that represents the citizens. Unfortunately,
they may also be turned to the dark side if they are taken over by

Rodney Joffe
CenterGate Research Group, LLC.
"Technology so advanced, even we don't understand it!"

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