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Re: whois broke again?

  • From: Danny McPherson
  • Date: Sun Feb 20 02:14:24 2000

> A) Do you happen to have proof that people *arent* reporting the
> problems to NSI as well as posting here?

I'd guess he doesn't, though yet another glean of the entire
thread also doesn't reveal anything suggesting that an attempt 
to contact, or even a simple cc NSI has occurred to this point.
Perhaps denoting a failed attempt in the initial post would have
made sense.

I assure you that the NSI folks are indeed concerned with the 
accuracy and availability of the services they provide, especially 
considering they've a ve$ted interest in the integrity of their
services, as somewhat mis-representedly pointed out a few messages
back.  Assuredly, the folks that have the most at stake to this 
regard are also the most concerned with their performance, and 
are the ones in a position to make things happen.  However, while
NANOG posts are amazingly very far-reaching, I doubt these folks 
read NANOG directly, and I especially doubt they'll be posting 
here any time soon.

Given, seemingly with every service-oriented provider on the Internet, 
they have their share of problems, but, as with most service providers,
they must be made aware of the problem(s) before they can correct them ..
and IMO, NANOG isn't the appropriate _initial step towards making folks 
aware of a problem. 

I'd also guess that the solution(s) to these problems reside a bit
beyond a spare server and a couple of hours, though I'd not be overly
surprised if the solution was trivial.

> B) Considering how important NSI has been to keeping the net
> going, I'm surprised we haven't seen a CNN soundbite of Wolf Blitzer
> standing in front of NSI's corporate headquarters, talking about
> NSI executives preparing to explain to a Congressional subcommittee
> exactly why there are so many problems...

Between this and VoIP, I'm sure someone will be testifying soon :-)

> A few days ago a total of 13 sites got DOS'ed, for an average  of
> a few hours each, and that got MAJOR press coverage.  It's surprising
> there wasn't a similar fuss the time that 30% of the .com's were
> dropped on the floor due to a undetected disk-full condition, and
> sites were having sporadic problems for several DAYS till all the DNS
> caches timed out, or the time a few days later there was ANOTHER
> problem, or the time.....
> Let's face it guys, taken on the "number of sites times outage time"
> basis, NSI operational issues have screwed a *LOT* more of the 4
> million .COM's out there than trin00 has....

Though far less visible, and less interesting to the folks looking 
for a story.


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