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Re: whois broke again?

  • From: Bohdan Tashchuk
  • Date: Sun Feb 20 01:15:42 2000

> Whats amazing to me is that there is not one peep from NSI about this, no
> news service picked up on it, and it will go unnoticed, in general.

> Isn't it amazing that a company as significant on the 'net as NSI can have
> such repetitive, continual database problems, and no one cares?

It's even worse than that.

NSI just sold approx $500 million of new stock. SAIC just sold $1.6 billion
of their stock in NSI.

If the market continually rewards NSI so richly despite continuing
problems, why should they get better? Why should they care about little
things like broken databases? After all, it could conceivably cost them
upwards of 1% of their newly acquired cash to fix the problems.

There is an operational point in the above and here it is:

There is no incentive at all for NSI to do any better. They don't care.
They don't have to. They're a rich monopoly. Maybe they will improve, and
maybe they won't.

In the meantime, the members of NANOG have to keep the Net working in spite
of NSI foulups. Figure out how to live with NSI or figure out how to work
around NSI. But don't bitch about NSI in this forum because it won't do any
good. The sooner everyone accepts this reality, the better off everyone
will be.

That's the bottom line, plain and simple.

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