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Re: More route-table bloat vs. ARIN micro-allocations

  • From: I Am Not An Isp
  • Date: Sat Feb 19 06:25:45 2000

At 01:27 AM 2/19/00 -0700, John M. Brown wrote:
>Yes, 3561 is one of our transit. This isn't about what filters we have
>or don't have. its about the fact that from my view there are some
>that really shouldn't be on the net in the first place.

The point is, those /27s, /30s and /32s are *not* on the 'Net, they are internal to C&W. You should not condemn the global table because C&W leaks specifics to their customers.

Those other routes - like 64/8, AS7046, etc. - *are* on the global table and should be cleaned up. But no one seems to care about that any more.

I find it amusing that some people who argue against micro-allocations say nothing about this added waste. Hypocrisy always amuses me. (It has to or it would piss me off.)

>Some providers (some of our other transits) provide a cleaner table.

They probably put the same "sanity" filters on their customers that they put on their peers. I used to do that (when I had enable :).

>Personally it seems many BGP folks are lazy and don't keep things clean....

That, my friend, is and has been obvious for many years. :)

>I thought patrick got enabled? I know if I keep this up, I will loose it :)

Got it, configured a few routers, changed positions, lost it. Now I go around buying other ISPs instead of configuring routers on my own network.

Am I automatically wrong because I do not have enable? Many probably think so. Maybe they are right. :)


I Am Not An Isp -
ISPF, The Forum for ISPs by ISPs, <>
"Think of it as evolution in action." - Niven & Pournelle
(Enable? We dunt need no stinkin' enable!!)

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