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  • From: scarter
  • Date: Tue Feb 15 03:39:41 2000

In my minds eye, I see a 6 man seal team, armed to the teeth with
night-vision goggles and MP5's, helicoptering into rainy Birmingham,
England, chanting 'hut, hut, hut' in unison, and dragging off a 13 year
old snotty geek so that said 13 year old can be made an example of.

One wonders if I digested too much Monty Python in my youth, but I find
that image insanely funny.  Equally funny would be watching Tony Blair and
Bill Clinton having a 'who blinks first' contest at the United Nations.


Shawn McMahon wrote:
> Does it matter, for purposes of this discussion?
> Either way, you end up in the US, subject to trial.  From there it's a 
> simpler matter (albeit non-trivial) to try you in multiple states.
> They could pass you around for years, if they did it right.
> Hell, look what they did to Mitnick, and they didn't even pass him around.
> At 09:26 PM 2/13/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> > > I am not alone in thinking that somebody is very likely to be dragged into
> > > US custody yet again over this.
> >
> >is that "legally" dragged into US custody, or the standard amurikan "kidnap
> >them, drag them to US soil" then arrest them?

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