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Re: Info on the DoS attacks.

  • From: Rodney Caston
  • Date: Wed Feb 09 22:29:29 2000

It's because people are being very closed mouthed with this, the corps
either have no idea what is going on or do not wish to share what they
know, and those involved with the attacks have done a good job of keeping
silent. Besides comparing Morris's worm to what is going on now is hardly
fair, the net was a very different place then, and his cpu cycle hog of a
program was alot easier to deal with and detect.

Rodney L. Caston
Southwestern Bell
Internet Services

On 9 Feb 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Wed, 09 February 2000, Rodney Caston wrote:
> > I spoke with a person that claimed to understand the attacks that are
> > going on, while I have no proof, I offer this as an example of what to
> > look for on your own systems. So I am presenting this only as a possible
> > example of what has taken place, and until proven correct I concede this
> > is only a "rumor."
> Has anyone else noticed the dearth of technical information about these
> attacks?  Although some of the largest web sites, and networks have been
> hit, I still haven't read a confirmed description of exactly what is
> happening.
> Its been three days.  After the Morris Worm, by this point in time I had
> seen several technical descriptions and even portions of decompiled code.
> And I was just an interested Internet user in those days.
> In this case I still haven't seen confirmation if it was trino, tfn, something
> new, or what.  Or even confirmation if it was a series of HTTP GETs or random
> packets, or some interesting corruption of a packet.  Or if confirmation the
> attacks are coming from the same set of hosts or different ones for each attack.
> If it is the same set of IP addresses, could we RBL (or create a new RBL) them?
> Maybe I'm just on the wrong mailing lists.

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