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Re: Hold on to your news servers

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Sun Nov 15 14:05:43 1998

At 10:33 AM 11/15/98 -0600, Karl Denninger wrote:
>On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 08:14:57AM -0800, Derek Balling wrote:
>> >This is a NEW service, operating on hardware which will be purchased
>> >specifically for this purpose by a non-profit organization set up 
>> >explicitly to do this and other public-interest Internet-related things.
>> How is making you the Lord High Executioner of Errant Binary Posts in the
>> public interest?
>It is in the public interest to get both the copyright violations and the
>kiddie porn off Usenet.

Hello Karl,

I'll say up front that this is off-topic for NANOG, in so far as UseNet
content is concerned. However it is seriously on-topic as far as UseNet
connectivity is concerned, IMHO. Most of this is our opinion only. We do
not preach it, nor do we expect converts. Please direct flames to /dev/null.

At MHSC, the suits instituted a UseNet ban, as policy, about four years
ago. This is because some InterNet terrorists nearly caused us some serious
business loss ( and others) at a critical time for
MHSC. In addition, CoS cancel wars were beating our servers to death. I
submit that the major problems wrt UseNet are NOT kiddie porn and copyright
violations. In fact, I submit that the major problems are the cancel
messages themselves and spammers (it is valuable to note that within 1 year
of dropping out of UseNet our spammed rate also dropped to very low
levels). The other problem can not be remedied with any sort of
cancellation system (abstinance makes the heart grow fonder <grin>). 

Over the years UseNet has devolved from anarchy into chaos. IMHO, it can
not evolve back. Your service, although laudable in intent, is doomed
because of this. But, YMMV. In fact, it is our belief that you may only
help to accelerate the demise of UseNet as a usable medium. To us, it
doesn't matter because we feel UseNet is already heading there on its own.
It's a train-wreck in-process. Those currently on the UseNet train do not
yet know that the locomotive has already jumped the tracks, IMHO.

Our feeling is to let the lusers have UseNet, as a sacrificial ploy, and
carry on real business using mailer-lists, like this one. At least, they
can be managed independently of each other. For many reasons, and they are
all off-topic here, we believe that UseNet architecture has proven it self
to be non-scaleable due to lack of management capability. Yes, we realize
that this is also its chief attraction, for many. MHSC does not have a
solution, other than abstinance. 

UseNet needs re-architecting and that will not happen due to the resounding
lack of interest in doing so. FYI, a back-burner project, here at MHSC, is
to build something along the lines of the FidoNet EchoMail back-bone
systems. This was a news/conference system based on mailer-lists. The
intent is to fill the need for UseNet with something a bit more managable.
We may, or maynot, ever complete that project.

Roeland M.J. Meyer, ISOC (InterNIC RM993) 
e-mail: <>
Internet phone:
Personal web pages: <>
Company web-site: <>
 Who is John Galt?
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