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Re: Is the .to (Tonga) domain completely rogue and should be removed?

  • From: Jeremy Porter
  • Date: Wed Sep 30 22:12:58 1998

In message <>, "Roeland M.J. Meyer" 
>At 06:35 PM 9/30/98 -0400, Steven J. Sobol wrote:
>>On Wed, Sep 30, 1998 at 04:19:44PM -0500, Jeremy Porter wrote:
>>> Not that I would advocate such activity, but unless there
>>> exists an extradition treaty that allows for computer trespass
>>> or denial of service attacks, I imagine that a few weeks of
>>> being hacked and DoS attacks would have them reconsidering
>>> the fee's that they charge to spam houses. 
>>I hope you're kidding.
>>This statement is an order of magnitude dumber than anything Barry's
>>contributed to this thread.
>Agreed! SPAM-L has determined, over years of operation (including getting
>CyberPromo busted out of Agis), that the most effective policy is
>reasonable complaint, followed by blackholing (a la RBL). Any "Cracker" or
>DoS attacks simply open you up for criminal charges and actually place the
>spam-haus in a favorable light wrt LEOs. They then become the "oh so
>innocent and helpless" victim. Also, there are a lot of TO SLDs that aren't
>spam-hauses. The normal SPAM complaint process to their upstream providers
>usually does the trick, regardless of what domain they're in.

So what you are saying is that Barry has a perfectly functional
method of dealing with the problem and all the rest of this is a complete
and utter waste of our time.
Mr Sobol's comments doubly so, as they add no new information.

Jeremy Porter, Freeside Communications, Inc.
PO BOX 80315 Austin, Tx 78708  | 512-458-9810

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