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Re: Alternative sources for Cisco memory?

  • From: Rob Walker
  • Date: Thu Sep 24 13:50:20 1998

call up TAC, and get the "AVL list - Authorized Vendor List" for your

A quick search for AVL on the main site at cisco returned a few
interesting pages:

"don't do this, we're not responsible, etc." at 

"RAM for RSP or VIP cards" at
which has links to some great pictures at and

some of the other links talk about the AVL for other products as

have fun,

>>>>> On Thu, 24 Sep 1998 12:35:20 -0400 (EDT), Nathan Stratton
>>>>> <> said:

Nathan> On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Joseph Thomas wrote:
>> I received prices for upgrading RAM memory in both a Cisco 7000
>> and Cisco 7500. Ouch! 
>> My question is: the 7000 appears to accept standard 30pin SIMMs
>> while the 7500 accepts 72pin SIMMs. Since I can purchase lifetime memory
>> (60ns, true parity) for orders of magnatiude less, why shouldn't I? Has
>> anyone really tried this? Other than Cisco claiming that future problems
>> are related to the non-Cisco memory I installed, what problems might I
>> encounter? Are there less-expensive "Cisco certified" memory dealers?

Nathan> You sure can, most providers upgrade the memory on their ciscos with 3rd
Nathan> party RAM, the cisco stuff just cost to much. I dont know of "Cisco
Nathan> certified" memory dealers, but just buying decent RAM from any good vender
Nathan> should be fine. 
>> Thanks.

>> <>
Nathan> Nathan Stratton				Telecom & ISP Consulting
Nathan> --
Nathan> "No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by
Nathan> his great strength."                               - Psalm 33:16

>> -- 
>> Joseph Thomas                           E/Mail:
>> Network Computing Services, Inc.
>> 1200 Washington Ave So.			Tel:	 +1 612 337 3558
>> Minneapolis, MN     55415-1227          FAX:     +1 612 337 3400
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