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Re: How to loadshare over many E1 links

  • From: Scott Whyte
  • Date: Fri Sep 18 12:13:11 1998


You might consider MLP (multi-link PPP), with VIP2/50's.

If you do go with an IMUX, I definitely recommend a HSSI to the routers, rather than Ethernet, unless the Ethernet is full-duplex.  I've seen really poor performance due to collisions on the Ethernets at either end because the middle is actually 16Mbps full-duplex...


At 12:57 AM 9/18/98 , Jesper Skriver wrote:
>How would you loadshare over many (>6) parallel E1 links. Currently we
>do it by connecting them directly to the Cisco's in each end, and do
>CEF based per-packet loadsharing, it works fine, but support a max of
>6 E1's ...
>I've been thinking om something similar to the Larscom inverse MUX
>(, but this one only support
>4 E1's, then I can use multiple i-mux's and loadshare over the 8M links
>they provide, but it seems like a poor solution.
>Yes, I do know that a E3 would be a far better choice, but our ADM 
>(Add-Drop-Multiplexer??) at this specific location only support
>E1's :-(
>Jesper Skriver (JS249-RIPE), Network manager      
>Tele Danmark DataNet, IP section (AS3292)
>One Unix to rule them all, One Resolver to find them,
>One IP to bring them all and in the zone to bind them.
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