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Re: While perusing BGP accountments today

  • From: Marc Slemko
  • Date: Thu Sep 17 23:04:02 1998

How irresponsible can you get?

Advertising bogus routes, not taking any action about it when notified,
obviously not having even the most minimal filters in place to prevent
such things.  Doesn't give me much confidence in the stability of their
network or in their protections against accidental (either clueless or
oops) or deliberate bogosity.

Obviously, this particular instance is of little real consequence and is
trivial for clueful providers to filter, but it is symptomatic of a 
system that may well have bigger holes large enough to drive the 
Titanic through as it sinks.

It would be interesting to do a survey to see just how many backbone
providers you can convince to advertise a really dumb route, a route for a
block you don't own and is obviously in use elsewhere, etc.

If this is what we see from a major backbone, what should we expect
from Joe's ISP and Steak House in Mudfest Wyoming?  It seems that no 
progress has been made, in North America as a whole, since previous 

Not only is it an exact reverse of one of their blocks, but it is
(logically) routed there.  If you trace from a silly network that doesn't
filter the announcement:

 6 (  3.612 ms  3.437 ms  3.921 ms
 7 (  4.067 ms  4.427 ms  4.642 ms
 8 (  43.526 ms  43.728 ms  43.595 ms
 9 (  43.276 ms  42.518 ms  43.166 ms
10 (  43.811 ms  43.082 ms  44.367 ms
11 (  67.481 ms  67.477 ms  69.302 ms
12 (  76.157 ms  76.420 ms  74.786 ms

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998 wrote:

> yea i sent them mail about that a week or two ago.. it does seem odd that its
> exactly reverse of a block of theirs ;)  I've not heard a word back from them.
>    Netname: SPRINTLINK
>    Netnumber:
> On Thu, Sep 17, 1998 at 05:37:35PM -0400, wrote:
> > 
> > *>                        0 6347 1239 i              
> > 
> > Wee? 
> > 

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