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Re: NY times appears to have had a rough morning..

  • From: Derek Balling
  • Date: Mon Sep 14 00:04:09 1998

What I think you missed is that shortly after I received this post (and
looked at the NYTimes web site) they corrected the problem which caused the
original post. got hacked. If you missed it, and feel the urge to check it
out, I made a mirror of it at ... I
don't plan to keep it more than a few days I suspect (I'm not one of those
hacked-website collectors like some places *grin*), but I kept it for
posterity of those who might want to check it out.


At 10:50 AM 9/13/98 -0500, Phil Howard wrote:
>Richard Irving wrote:
>> Hrmm.. This sunday am I logged into,
>> and got an unusual front page. Someone may want to take 
>> a look......
>Looks like the classical underconfigured/overloaded server to me.  They were
>probably running with not much spare capacity before, or didn't configure the
>correct number of listening processes (or enough RAM to handle them).
>Possibly a SYN attack.  But on this date, more likely a demand "attack".
>This is not unusual when you consider the total capacity is ultimately
>determined by the suits.
>FYI, I had no trouble pulling it from  I got it in the
>evening, which would have been the 2nd demand curve for the day.  So server
>capacity there was enough to deliver it in that probably broader hump.  But
>maybe the masses, who normally go checking news sites and wouldn't recognize
>a .gov site as even being an Internet thing, were clobbering places like
>  Even seemed kinda slow to me.
>Phil Howard |
>  phil      |
>      at    |
>  ipal      |
>     dot    |
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