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Re: Ok, perhaps the InterNIC's Chuck Gomes was lying?

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Thu Sep 10 15:05:05 1998

At 21:03 9/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>This surprises me. And pisses me off.
>Dean Robb pointed to some SEC filings, a prospectus from NSI which he
>gave an incorrect URL for -- the correct url is

Actually, that's what I said :).

>which shows that Network Solutions, Inc. (the InterNIC people, for those of
>you reading on Freemail who are not familiar with the name) plans to build a
>database of customer information that "makes proper use of the customer data
>that the Company collects."
>Doesn't specifically list selling e-mail addresses, but...

However, further along it says that NSI is planning to offer "directory and
distribution services".  Now, I'm not plumb sure what "distribution
services" are, but taken in concert with Internet usage (as opposed to
FedEx-type distribution), it sure *sounds* like mailing lists.

>Mr. Gomes has also told me that SAIC is just a shareholder, but this is
>part of the prospectus:
>Of the 3,300,000 shares of Class A Common Stock offered hereby, 2,800,000
>are being sold by Network Solutions, Inc. ("NSI" or the "Company") and
>500,000 shares are being sold by the Company's parent, Science Applications
>International Corporation, a Delaware corporation ("SAIC" or the "Selling
>(note that SAIC is listed as the PARENT COMPANY of NSI).

It also mentions, further along, that SAIC owns *ALL* of the Class B common
and retains FULL control of NSI.  Of the Class A not owned by SAIC
outright, the majority is in the hands of the Board of Directors (7 of 9 of
whom work for SAIC).  Net result:  the same.  

Chuck is being *technically* truthful by saying that SAIC is a stockholder
in NSI.  He's neglecting to say that SAIC is the MAJORITY stockholder and
controls NSI.  
>It'd be great if Chuck would be willing to subscribe to NANOG and
>talk to us here.

Yes it would.  There are other NSI folks here, one would hope that these
posts are making their way to Mr. Gomes.

Wabbit season! season!..wabbit season! season!..SPAMMER SEASON!

Dean Robb
PC-EASY computer services
(757) 495-EASY [3279]

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