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Re: NSI Bulletin 098-010 | Update on Whois

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Fri Sep 04 20:32:40 1998

At 23:26 9/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 03, 1998 at 05:56:05PM -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:
>> As far as the only supported interfaces for retrieving the data from
>> NSI being the WHOIS port and the anonymous FTP zone files, if you look
>> at it in the best light, I would refer back to the cooperative agreement
>> with NSF.  As much as I dislike SPAM, I do not think concern about the
>> use of the data for marketing purposes is a good justification for NSI
>> to unilaterally block individuals from accessing the WHOIS data.
>Well, I've been LARTed big time by the customer service director at
>NSI. :)
>He made a very good point: that SAIC is a separate entity (and a
>NSI is not a subsidiary of SAIC) and they are not necessarily going to be 
>selling the *WHOIS* database... so for now I think I can give them the
>of the doubt...

He lied.  Blatantly, obviously and willfully.  

 "The Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC. Upon completion of this
offering, SAIC will own 100% of the Company's outstanding Class B Common
which will represent approximately 78.4% of the outstanding Common Stock of
Company (approximately 75.9% if the Underwriters' over-allotment option is
exercised in full) and approximately 97.3% of the combined voting power of the
Company's outstanding Common Stock (approximately 96.9% if the Underwriters'
over-allotment option is exercised in full), and will continue to control the
Company. See "Relationship with SAIC and Certain Transactions"..." 

[ -
"Prospectus, Network Solutions, Inc.", filed 9/26/97].  Note the last
sentence carefully.

Furthermore, 7 of the 9 Directors at NSI are also Directors at SAIC (see
URL below).

Regarding the "ownership" of WhoIs and the use to which NSI intends to put it:

"In addition, the Company intends to develop a portfolio of
Internet-enabling products and services, which may include directory and
distribution services, that allows the Company to build upon its position
in the registration process and makes proper use of the customer data that
the Company collects." [ibid, pg. 5]

"The Company has compiled a database of information relating to customers in
its registration business. While a portion of this database is available to
public, the Company believes that it has certain ownership rights in this
database and is seeking to protect such rights. If it were determined that the
Company does not have ownership rights in this database or if the Company is
unable to protect such rights in this database or is required to share the
database with its potential competitors, there could be a material adverse
effect on the Company's business, financial condition and results of
[ibid, pg. 17]

EDGAR is a wunnerful thing.  It can show clearly and easily when someone
like this Customer Services Director lies through his teeth.  NSI *IS* a
wholly-owned subsidiary and NSI plans to use WhoIs for mailings
("distribution services") even if they don't sell it outright.

Side note:  The VeriSign spams are also easily explained:

"Stratton D. Sclavos    36    Mr. Sclavos has served as a director of the
Company since 1997. Mr. Sclavos has served as President and Chief Executive
Officer of VeriSign, Inc., a provider of digital certificate services,
since 1995."

Wabbit season! season!..wabbit season! season!..SPAMMER SEASON!

Dean Robb
PC-EASY computer services
(757) 495-EASY [3279]

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