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The .COM Servers

  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Thu Sep 03 20:45:58 1998

It is somewhat of a coincidence that the
.COM TLD Name Servers just happen to
have the same owner/operators as the
legacy Root Name Servers. In fact, even
the same hardware is used. In this discussion
one can set that minor detail aside and
imagine that the following 13 servers
support the .COM zone which has millions
of entries.

>1. A - Network Solutions, Inc. (A)
>2. B - University of Southern California (ISI2)
>3. C - Performance Systems International Inc. (C-NYSER)
>4. D - University of Maryland (UMD-TERP)
>5. E - NASA Ames Research Center (NS-NASA)
>6. F - Internet Software Consortium (ISC)
>7. G - DOD Network Information Center (DIIS-NS)
>8. H - Army Research Laboratory (B)
>9. I - [No name] (NORDU) (Sweden)
>10. J - Network Solutions, Inc. (J)
>11. K - European Regional Internet Registry/RIPE NCC (K)
>12. L - University of Southern California (L)
>13. M - WIDE Project (M) (JAPAN)

With the end of the U.S. Government involvement
with the InterNIC and the .COM zone, how do the
above companies plan to transition to industry
self-regulation ?

What company will be handling the .COM registrations ?

Has the IETF arranged for a transition ?

With less than 30 days, has the IETF thought about this ?

One last topic. Apparently NSI does not want
the .COM zone contents to be freely transferred
to other companies. The above organizations
obviously have to have a copy to operate their
servers to support NSI. In some cases above,
people apparently can copy the .COM data
base freely and in other cases they are blocked.
Is there a common policy or RFC that directs
the companies above to prevent the transfer
of the .COM data base to other parties ?

If the parties above allow people to freely copy
the .COM data base to other parties, then are
they not helping to encourage companies to
develop mailing lists for SPAM ?

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation -

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