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Host for NANOG 14 & modified NANOG Business Model (fwd)

  • From: James Rishaw
  • Date: Tue Jun 30 17:25:10 1998
  • Rfc_violation: You saw it here first!

Speaking for myself, nobody else:

>From: "William B. Norton" <>

>We expect the new registration fee will increase from $150 (which covers
>the percentages of the 3 NANOG staff) to between $250 and $300 which will 
>cover all catering and A/V costs.  This will reduce the local host's
>financial burden substantially and return the local host role to that of
>providing local logistics support, the terminal room, and Internet


My aunt runs a catering business.  *Good* weddings are $40 a plate.
Two days, $80. Average three snickers bars ($1 each) and 6 cans of
pop ($2) and you have a per-person food cost of $85.  Shirt $15,
youre at $100.

This would mean, at 500 participants @ $250, the A/V cost is roughly
$125,000.00 for two days?  Is ARIN running the A/V dept now?   *hides*
(Kim we love ya)

>We have also been fortunate enough to have companies loan us technology for
>the event.  For example, Bay has loaned routers and hubs and Cabletron has
>loaned wireless equipment that folks liked so well. Many others have
>contributed too.  The point is, we expect this type of support to continue,
>so the load on the local host will similarly be reduced by these generous
>community contributions. 

Registration costs just went from $100 to $150, now they're going to $250?
With a 250% increase in costs over less than a year, I'd like to see where
this money goes.. or even better, costs of previous NANOGs.

Not that I don't believe it, I just wonder.

jamie rishaw (dal/efnet:gavroche)           American Information Systems, Inc.
                   Tel:312.425.7140, FAX:312.425.7240
       "Could you only justify a Pepsi, but took a Coke anyway?" --> to, after kimh took the last Coke at NANOG 13

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