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Re: Digex transparent proxying

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Mon Jun 29 06:18:14 1998

At 02:36 AM 6/29/98 -0700, Sean M. Doran wrote:
>Patrick Gilmore wrote:
>> I find it repugnant that one of my peers has done so. 
>On an operational note, it seems that Priori has just indicated
>that it wishes to terminate its peering with Digex.

Nice assumption.  And thank you for contacting the parties involved before
sending a wild, factually incorrect, and (probably intentionally)
inflammatory post to a couple thousand of your closest friends.  Glad to
see you haven't changed.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the peering will stay in place.  And I'm
still of the opinion that DIGEX should have notified its customers before
instituting a transparent cache.  Are you saying that you do not think
DIGEX should have notified their customers?

BTW, when I said "my peers", I was talking about backbones, not BGP peers.
While DIGEX and Priori do have BGP peering in place, that wasn't the point.
 I would have made the same statement if someone with whom Priori (such as
EBONE) does not peer implemented such a policy without their customers
foreknowledge or consent.

>I don't suppose anyone knows which way the packets between
>those two networks will flow once this principled demonstration 
>of revulsion has been implemented?

I do.  If you ask nicely, I'll tell you.  However, I'm beginning to think
you wouldn't know how to do that.

BTW, why did Priori get singled out?  Lots of other people have said they
didn't like what DIGEX did.  Have I personally offended you or something?
If so, sorry to hear it - I wasn't trying to.  However, you sure have gone
a long way towards offending me.  Of course, since that appeared to be your
intent, I congratulate you on your success.

>	Sean. (prepared to be told by Randy Bush to contact
>               the DIGEX NOC since Ebone is a customer of Digex's
>               in cooperation with ACONET; not that it matters, since
>               the ASes behind Priori are probably not very crucial)

Thanx, Sean.  I sure my customers enjoy you telling them how non-crucial
they are.  Each one of them is "crucial" to someone, including me.  I would
hope all of your customers are crucial to you as well.  But considering
your caviler attitude, perhaps not.


P.S. Since you are a customer of DIGEX, I would think from your posts that
you don't mind the implementation of a transparent cache without your
foreknowledge or consent.  Since I was asking for input on that topic (and
since "EBONE is a DIGEX customer" is the only useful thing in your post), I
will tentatively mark you down in the "no problem" category.  Feel free to
correct me if I have misunderstood your inference.

Patrick W. Gilmore                      voice: +1-650-482-2840
Director of Operations, CCIE #2983        fax: +1-650-482-2844
              "Tomorrow's Performance.... Today"

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