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Re: small vent

  • From: David R. Conrad
  • Date: Sun Jun 28 03:05:32 1998


At 09:30 PM 6/27/98 -0700, Mark Milhollan wrote:
>[I should just keep my mouth shut, and pray the thread dies.]

Bet you forgot your wooden stakes, no?

>I can't count the number of times we've queried APNIC, RIPE, etc.,
>only to receive the catch-all record. 

If you queried an IP address (not a domain name), this means:

a) someone has stolen a prefix (rare)
b) someone has dummied up a prefix in a mail header or something (typical)
c) there is a bug in the database software (happens)

If the prefix has been allocated, it will show up in the APNIC database
(part of the procedure for allocation is updating the APNIC database).
Might show up as the service provider instead of the end user though...

>Note:  Don't fear, APNIC isn't out-of-norm, most NSP's are doing the

APNIC isn't an NSP.

>Aye.  This has been hashed over before, but it would be quite helpful
>if the registries were to audit their databases periodically.

No argument and it is something APNIC plans on doing (or planned -- can't
speak for APNIC anymore as I no longer run it).

>made the choice to use Sendmail should translate the documentation
>(man pages, op manual, _and_ web pages) for the target audience.

And the chances standard Unix vendors who supply sendmail (etc.) with their
distributions will even include up to date distributions, much less up to
date documentation or even documentation more than a man page are?  And you
expect these folks to also translate the documentation?

>	APNIC (all):  "please send to the registered entity", none was listed.

We also tell you how to determine how to find the registered entities in
the canned response.  

For reference, I've personally received about 100 complaints about spam
over the past 12 hours, about 85% demanding that APNIC disconnect "our
dialup customer" which has resulted in the spam, and about 50% you have
included the response from InterNIC that states "please check the APNIC
database prior to contacting APNIC".  I don't even bother to respond any more.


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