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Re: small vent

  • From: Mark Milhollan
  • Date: Sun Jun 28 00:35:36 1998

[I should just keep my mouth shut, and pray the thread dies.]

"David R. Conrad" writes:
>APNIC has a policy that _all_ "permanent" reassignments made by ISPs must
>be recorded in the APNIC database before address space is considered used.
>I believe RIPE-NCC has a similar policy 

Sometimes it doesn't happen.

I can't count the number of times we've queried APNIC, RIPE, etc.,
only to receive the catch-all record.  (That's not to complain,
directly, about the state of the databases, merely a statement of
fact.)  So that's where we send the complaint.  I can count the number
of times such messages have generated a response:  five from APNIC,
twice from NORGESNETT, and twice from RIPE.

Its possible that many of them were forwarded, but most of the
sources/relays we've complained to have been "sorry about that", so I
expected to have received some responses -- count:  zero.

Note:  Don't fear, APNIC isn't out-of-norm, most NSP's are doing the

>Of course, the fact that an entry is in a database (any database) doesn't
>mean it is valid, either when it was inserted or anytime thereafter, 

Aye.  This has been hashed over before, but it would be quite helpful
if the registries were to audit their databases periodically.

>>God forbid a net manager should open a book.
>Ah, sorry.  I must have missed the announcement of Allman's book translated
>into Thai, Mongolian, Bangala, (etc.).  

I can't buy this complaint.

Just because someone wrote a program does not mean that that person
should have to publish instructions in every language possible just
because its possible that people everywhere might use it.  Whoever
made the choice to use Sendmail should translate the documentation
(man pages, op manual, _and_ web pages) for the target audience.

FYI:  The responses received from regional or national registries

	APNIC (all):  "please send to the registered entity", none was

	NORGESNETT (both):  They didn't grasp our request that we be
		told who was the next most responsible party (IBM as
		it turned out) or that the complaint be forwarded to
		that party.  Since we have no Norweigean skills on
		staff the complaint fell through the cracks.  (The
		space has since been registered more sanely.)

	RIPE #1:  "please send to the registered entity", none was

	RIPE #2:  "please send to the registered entity", no e-mail
		contact information was present in the updated after
		our complaint entry.

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