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Re: backbone transparent proxy / connection hijacking

  • From: Mark Skinner
  • Date: Fri Jun 26 11:06:10 1998

As I don't have a direct Digex connection I can't comment on your question,
but I do want to pose this:
If Digex causes HTTP traffic to go through their proxy, are they 
1. filtering content? 
2. become responsible for all that goes through it.

I seem to recall a lawsuit about compuserve screening email or chatrooms?

anyone else think that Digex better get some really good lawyers? 

my two cents,

Mark Skinner
Verio Southern California
> Has anyone else noticed Digex playing with transparent proxying on their
> backbone?  We have one of our T1's through them, and found that all web
> traffic going out our Digex connection goes through a proxy.  We've got
> customers with web sites that are broken now because they can't
> communicate with things like Cybercash, because their outgoing http
> requests are hijacked and sent through a Digex web cache. 
> Digex wants us to register each web server out on the rest of the
> internet that hosts from our network need to talk directly to.  This looks
> like the beginning of a big PITA.
> I wouldn't have a problem with Digex setting up some web caches and
> encouraging customers to setup their own caches and have them talk to the
> Digex ones via ICP...but caching everything without our knowledge/consent
> stinks.
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