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Re: RBL Update (Re: Lets go vixie!! rbl)

  • From: Henry Linneweh
  • Date: Tue Jun 23 17:12:07 1998

Attached is an example of how hotmail blocks outgoing spam mail
to help you in your determinations and their abuse policy of spam


Paul Mansfield wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Richard Welty wrote:
> >
> > ethical sysadmins/isps, of course, inform their users of the RBL regardless.
> >
> we use Exim ( to handle mail, and we don't block on RBL
> active, but there's a standard setting to add a header to indicate that the
> mail was received from an RBL'd host... thus allowing our customers to
> filter if they want.
> has anyone ever heard of an ISP blocking their own customer if their customer
> is in the RBL? I'd love to hear a telephone call between ISP and customer if
> this occurred!!!
> Paul
> ----
> P Mansfield, Senior SysAdmin PSINet, +44-1223-577577x2611/577611 fax:577600
> :r~/humour/signature
> :wq


Subject: Automated Response from Hotmail Customer Service
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:31:07
From: "Hotmail Customer Support" <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Thank you for emailing Hotmail Policy Enforcement (Abuse). The
Hotmail Terms of Service (TOS) forbids email abuse, and we strictly
enforce the TOS.

We also employ tough unsolicited bulk email (aka "spam")

1. We LIMIT the number of individual recipients allowed per each email
message, making Hotmail ineffective for sending "spam."
2. We do not allow numeric characters at the beginning of an email
address. Any Hotmail Login Name beginning with a NUMERIC character is a
3. We include the field "X-Originating-IP: []" in the
header of each email message that is delivered via our system. If an
email message doesn't contain this field in its full headers, it DID
NOT come from Hotmail.
4. We maintain a FULL login IP history for each Hotmail account.
5. We BLOCK our relay hosts so "spammers" can't use them.
6. We have been successful in taking action against senders of
unsolicited bulk email who forge Hotmail addresses.

If you are writing to report unwanted, abusive, or fraudulent email,
please note that you MUST include the full, unedited content of the
email message in question, along with the full, unedited message
headers. Email programs often display short headers. To display the
full headers, please consult your email program's help system.

If you are reporting abuse from a non-email source, such as ICQ, chat,
or Usenet, you must include the following information in your message:
1. The media involved (chat, ICQ, Usenet, etc.)
2. The Hotmail account involved
3. The content of the offensive or unsolicited message
4. Any user information

We will reply to you regarding your concern as soon as possible.

You may also reach the Department of Policy Enforcement by telephone at
(1)(408) 222-7011 Monday-Friday from 8a.m. to 6p.m. Pacific time.

The Hotmail Department of Policy Enforcement is dedicated to
eradicating spam, one villain at a time.

DO NOT reply to this message. Any messages sent to this address
( will be deleted.

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